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Georgia Fence Supply
2590 Business Drive
Cumming Georgia 30028
Fax: 1-678-807-8181

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The Product
Georgia Fence Supply, LLC offers a galvanized ornamental metal fence that is manufactured from the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. The steel is hot dipped, galvanized steel tubing. Our welds have been cleaned and zinc coated.  Each individual component is then chemically cleaned and receives a baked on thermo-plastic coating, which has tremendous bonding characteristics. The galvanized coated surface that is on the framework (posts, rails, and pickets) is guaranteed not to rust for as long as the original purchaser has ownership rights.

Manufacturing Process
Our manufacturing process is very clean, straightforward and simplistic in design. The materials are all pre-cut for us by the mills and delivered 44,000 pounds at a time. We use state of the art welding equipment along with highly trained master welders. We have a constant flow production facility with absolutely no waste in our process. Special care and concern is paid to cleaning and chemically treating each and every welded joint to insure that our product will never rust. Special trucks and trailers have been procured to ensure rapid loading and disbursement of panels and posts. The powder coat system that applies Thermo-Plastic coating is all state-of-the-art equipment. Each post and panel receives a chemical bath prior to coating. The final product is stacked on pallets separated by sheeting and totally wrapped in shrink wrap prior to delivery to the end user.

Product Versatility
The Xtreme panels can be sold as 6' tall (nominal) by raising the panels up higher on the post and attaching 2 additional horizontal rails from post to post at the bottom side of the panel centered with a bit less than a 4" gap.

The standard 5 ft tall (nominal) panel has 8" picket extensions beyond the rails which allows for cutting off a certain amount of this extension to bring the panel into conformance with a pre-existing fence of shorter height. If the buyer wants a 4' (nominal) fence the panel pickets can be cut off so as to accommodate the need.

The Xtreme standard panel can also have the pickets cut off clean at the rail resulting in a 3'-4" net tall smooth top adjustable rail section to fit to the angle of the steps or stairways.

The most important versatility feature of the Xtreme panel is the number of different looks you can offer the buyer. You can offer a custom fence with a negative or positive scallop or a staggered picket look.

Another great option is our vast array of colors.  We can match anything you can imagine.

Product Value
Georgia Fence Supply has taken the positive features of every type of metal fence and left the negative features behind.  Some of the positive features include using hand welders.  This gives us unitized construction and strength.  We use heavy ¾” steel tubing which prevents pickets from bending.  We offer decorative finials and other conventional items like rings, and scrolls to customize fencing.  We utilize the positive features of aluminum fencing by creating a fence that will not rust.  Our product is made from of hot dipped galvanized tubing.  We wire brush each and every weld and apply a special anti- rust coating.  To top it off, we coat our product with a thick Thermo- Plastic high gloss finish that can be applied six times thicker than powder coat.  This coating resists UV fading, dampens sound and insulates against electrical shock. 

Our American made fence product is a higher quality than imported ones. Georgia Fence Supply, LLC regularly replaces Chinese fences purchased elsewhere, that are only a few years old. The main issues concerning the low-cost Chinese aluminum fences are that they bend when you lean hard on them and they get shaky over time because of the brackets used to assemble them. Many of these brackets are also unsightly with external fasteners that help make the fence less stable.

Product Comparison Chart

Download Our Warranty Info here.

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