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Pool Fence
A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to your home and you want to ensure safety of those you love by installing an aluminum pool fence around it. Pool fence should be at least 48 inches tall, have a bottom rung that is no more than three inches from the ground. The vertical fence pickets are far enough apart so the fence cannot be used as a ladder.
You will need to comply with your area's local building codes (BOCA codes see below) or your homeowner organization pool fence codes. Generally the higher the pool fence (54", 60" or 72"), the more secure it is. All pool code gates need to have self-closing hinges with a self-latching latch, so the gate cannot be easily left open. The handle to unlatch the gate needs to be at least 54-inches high to prevent children from opening it.

BOCA Pool Safety Fence Regulations
For pool fencing, BOCA code means that the fence meets certain standards for safety. Simply stated it means the fence needs to meet these basic requirements:

  • The top of the pool fence must be at least 48-inches above ground
  • Pickets spaced no more that 4-inches apart
  • Pickets cannot exceed 1-¾inches in width
  • The lower horizontal fence rail must be a minimum of 45-inches apart from the top rail
  • The horizontal rails need to be on the pool side of the fence
  • The lowest rail needs to be no farther that 4-inches above ground
  • Gates should open away from the pool
  • Gates should be self-closing and self- latching
  • The gate release mechanism of the gate should be at least 54-inchs from the bottom of the gate.

These BOCA pool fence requirements are for safety in order to keep smaller children from being able to access a pool. The rules attempt to eliminate handholds and footholds and minimize the size of the openings, and put the gate latches above the reachable height of small children.

Fence Manufacturing

Trinity Fence

We are proud to introduce the Trinity fence. The pickets are triangular and as you know, a triangle is known to be a much stronger shape and uses 25% less materials. 
Click here to learn about the strength of a triangle.

Access Control & Data Management

Telephone Entry System Repairs

  • System is not ringing
  • Gate code not working
  • Program a new code
  • Guest cannot hear me…
  • Hum/Noise on phone line
  • Hit by vehicle
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Improve or add Surge Protection

Database Services

  • Manage telephone entry database systems
  • Remove/add codes
  • Remove/add transmitters, remotes, clickers or cards
  • Update telephone numbers and/or residents
  • Data management contracts available


Gate Operator Repair

  • Gate opener not working
  • Broken gate opener
  • Gate is stuck closed
  • Gate not responding
  • Gate opens on its own
  • Gate making loud noises
  • Problem is intermittent

Gate Repair

  • Broken hinges
  • Sagging gates
  • Rusted gates
  • Faded or chipped paint
  • Rotten wood gates
  • Barrier arm broken
  • Broken weld
  • Surge Protection needed
  • Continually hit by lightning
  • Needs a Maglock
  • Gates was hit in an accident

Diagnostic Service

  • Gate closes on cars
  • Infrared beam not reversing gate
  • Gate is erratic
  • Gate loops not working
  • Remotes not working
  • Card Reader not working
  • Emergency Egress not working
  • Battery backup system not working

Preventative Maintenance

  • Semi-annual residential gate maintenance- every 6 months
  • Quarterly commercial gate maintenance- every 3 months
  • Monthly industrial gate maintenance- every month

Welding Service

  • Gate fell off the hinges
  • Gate is rusted through
  • Pickets are bent
  • Replace hinges or brackets
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